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RNAseq analysis's materials for courses on RNAseq concepts and skills

RNAseq courses


This RNAseq course collection includes both lecture-type classes focused on concepts as well as lab-type skills (coding) classes. These materials are developed by, the data and computational analysis training program at Fred Hutch.

Sessions of these courses are periodically taught by instructors at Fred Hutch. The materials are also freely available for self-guided, work-at-your-own-pace study.

Information about RNAseq is also available on the Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki.

Course materials

These materials are currently in development. Additional publicly available materials for equivalent courses are described here.

Lessons are available for the following courses:

Please see the links above for course objectives and schedules.

If you have general questions about performing genomic analyses, please see our FAQs.

For curriculum contributors and instructors

Please see the following resources for more information on: