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information for teaching classes

Information for instructors

This repository includes general information related to teaching classes for For information specific for each class, please see the file in the class repository:

Preparing to teach

During class

Tools and infrastructure

Introducing the first class session

Starting each class

Referencing teaching notes

You aren’t expected to have the material memorized, but managing teaching notes can be challenging. A tablet or second laptop are useful for reading teaching notes, though it also works well to print out the teaching materials to highlight what you’re planning to discuss. See the section for managing technology while teaching online for a more complex setup for remote learning.

If you would like to spend more time creating more of a a customized “script” for yourself, check out this repository representing short-version notes for Carpentries lessons.

Challenge exercises

Taking breaks

Teaching online

Basic troubleshooting information for MS Teams is available for participants on the Software page, and this blog post overviews common info useful for working in MS Teams (and has links to other options for online meetings).

Participants and instructors will receive an Outlook calendar invite that has an MS Teams room included.

General tips

Managing technology

Online training is particularly challenging for us, since we need to manage communication with learners and access our teaching notes, all while sharing our computer screen (and keeping the font as large as possible for folks to access!).

Here is an example of one possible arrangement for leading online instruction:

Example technology setup for teaching online

Starting in the upper left hand corner of the picture, and moving clockwise to show technology:

You may need to use a phone to call in to the meeting as well, in which case headphones are connected to that instead.

Of course, keep some water close at hand, and a notepad to jot down questions from participants and notes to yourself is always useful!

Introducing learners to MS Teams

Review this checklist at the beginning of each online class:


If you are assisting the primary instructor during an online session, your main tasks are:

Accommodating learner absences

Our course listings let learners know they are expected to attend most (e.g., three of four) sessions. Periodically, additional absences may be required; here’s what you should offer:

After teaching